You aren’t what you eat.

I really LOVE OllieTrimby’s take on this, so I had to share!

The ramblings of the internetually challenged.

I read an article shared on someone’s blog today that I found quite interesting.

It basically documented a study on a pair of twins raised in separate environments and concluded that despite bein on completely different diets etc they ended up with very similar body compositions, hypothesising that all the dieting in the world is only as good as the effort you put into it at the time and that as soon as you stop your diet you will creep back into the shape you were in before. It makes sense, you have been that weight and eaten that way for so one that your body has gotten used to it. Take actors for example, you think Chris Hemsworth is the size he is as Thor all year round? Of course not! It takes a lot of work to be that big and that lean the guy has worked damn…

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