North Carolina House of Horrors! Well…Sort Of.

Halloween! I could shout it from the top of my lungs all October long. I love seeing the kiddies dressed up in costume, the flooding of imagination toddling down the street wide-eyed, the spooky Halloween decor, and the crispness of autumn air. It’s a night where we all question the mystical and mysterious and free ourselves from the every day norm.

halloween sugar skull decoration

Decorating for Halloween is always a favorite of mine. Being surrounded by haunting images gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It’s a reminder of my youth and  the many hours I spent reading horror novels and watching scary films. I enjoy being scared, even if only for a moment. It’s a welcomed emotion, in small doses, that reminds me of how wonderful it is to be alive and have the ability to feel. It’s been said that love and fear are two of the strongest emotions- and this was way before Donnie Darko. But don’t let that stop you from picturing Jake Gyllenhaal.

halloween paper bats craft

Decorating was extra fun this year because I’m in a new home. I moved in with my boyfriend this past summer, and lucky me! He loves Halloween as much as I do. Together we shopped for Halloween goodies and made some lovely paper bats to put on our front door, (Thanks, Pinterest!). We used a bat silhouette we found via Google and taped a few we’d copied to construction paper. We then cut out our bats and laminated them.

halloween door bats project

My boyfriend, being super handy, set up a red light so it would cast a glow over our garden ghosts at night. This photo really doesn’t do our hard work any justice, but we live across the street from an Elementary school, and watching the kid’s faces when they walk by is a hoot. Halloween is really all about the kids, though, right? Well, I’m still a kid at heart.





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